Modular Home Additions 101

If you want to make an addition to your home, you have a couple of basic options. Either you can construct a traditional addition, or you can go with a modular home addition instead, also known as a prefab home addition.

Is a prefab addition right for you? In this post, we will explain exactly what a modular prefab addition is and go over its benefits in detail. That way, you will be able to make an informed choice for your project.

What is a Prefab Home Addition?

A prefab home addition is simply an addition to your home that is prefabricated in a factory and then shipped to you.

You can contrast a prefab home addition with one that is constructed traditionally on-site.

Prefab home additions are often standalone structures, but you can also purchase prefab additions that you can attach directly to your main residence.

6 Key Modular Prefab Additions Benefits

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Prefabricated home additions offer a number of advantages over traditional home additions.

1. Cost-Effective

One of the main benefits of going with a modular home addition is that you can save quite a bit of money.

The cost to construct and install a prefab addition is often significantly lower than what you would pay to have an addition constructed on-site.

Not only can that make it easier to build an addition on a tight budget, but it may also free up funds you can spend on making the addition larger or more well-appointed.

2. Quick and Easy

You will be amazed by just how fast and straightforward the process is for ordering a prefab addition.

Some companies can turn around prefab home additions in just several months. Chances are good that if you chose a traditional home addition, it would take two to three times as long to finish the entire project.

When the addition is delivered to your site, installation is also fast, easy and economical. Since most of the work on the addition has already been completed, the remaining steps are minimal. That also means that you will not need nearly as many personnel to help you with installation, nor will you require much in the way of special equipment.

3. Eco-Friendly

Because the prefab building process is streamlined compared to traditional home construction, it is also more eco–friendly. Less material waste is generated in the process.

On top of that, many modular builders nowadays focus on creating structures with high energy efficiency. This is done by choosing materials and construction methods that provide superior insulation and comfort in all climates.

That means that your prefab addition can also be eco-friendly and affordable over the long term. With an energy-efficient structure, you can spend less on heating, cooling and electrical costs.

4. Customizable

Some customers shy away from prefab because they are concerned that all prefab structures will look alike and have only limited features and options. But that is simply not the case. These days, modular design is trending, and prefab builders are offering customers more options for customization than ever before.

5. Excellent Quality Control

When a building is constructed the traditional way on-site, the components are exposed to the elements and the chaos of the worksite. As a result, quality control can suffer.

But when building components are prefabricated in a factory, that is a controlled environment. That means that a higher degree of precision can be achieved, with reliable and high-quality manufacturing of all components.

6. Scalable

Finally one more benefit that is not discussed frequently with home additions, but which is relevant, is scalability.

Modular home builders tend to have expansion in mind. They know that a lot of customers will start with a smaller home and want to add on to it later. That means that they tend to design their building units to be scalable. Often, you can connect them one to another or stack them like Lego bricks.

You might be making a small addition to your home today, but what are your plans five years from now or ten?

You might very well decide that you could use even more additional space. If that is the case, having a prefabricated addition will make it easier to tack on more additions to your home later.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Modular Prefab Additions?

Prefabricated additions are an excellent choice for many homes, but there may be scenarios where they would not be ideal.

Say, for example, your home has a particularly unusual shape. It might be easier to construct an addition on-site than it would be to customize a prefab addition to fit.

Where to Order a Custom Modular Home Addition

If you are excited to build a modular home addition, here are a few builders you may want to consider.

1. Studio Shed

For a beautiful standalone modular home addition, consider Studio Shed. This company offers a rapid turnaround time and a product you can easily customize to your needs. Choose a foundation option that is suitable for your site and any of hundreds of different options for arranging your doors and windows. Other features include electrical wiring and efficient insulation.

The company writes, “The all-in cost of a Studio Shed is typically a fraction of the cost of a remodel or addition. Our most popular finished spaces are installed in less than one week, making it the fastest way to gain the extra space you need. Studio Sheds can be equipped with plumbing for guest houses and accessory dwelling units (ADUs).”

2. Black Pearl Custom Homes

Black Pearl is a builder of custom homes in the Toronto area. This company has extensive experience with home construction and exterior renovation. One of their specialties is building prefab modular home additions. They can provide extensions for a broad range of applications, and they take care of building permits.

3. NEXT Modular

This Midwestern builder specializes in modular homes and modular home additions. The company states that their customers spend about 15% less on their homes than they would those which are traditionally-constructed.

Along with building your home addition, NEXT Modular will prepare the site for you and obtain the necessary permits.

A Prefab Addition is a Fast, Easy Way to Expand Your Living Space

Prefab home additions offer numerous benefits. You can save time, money and hassles by going with a prefabricated addition, and you can customize your addition to be the perfect fit for your needs. If you are ready to get your prefab modular home addition, click any of the links in this post to receive a custom quote.

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