G Pod Relocatable Pod Homes

Pod homes are taking modular construction to new heights, offering the ability to serve as temporary or permanent structures. They can be deployed quickly and usually without disrupting the environment.

G Pod Americas is a pioneer in this construction space and is a leading modular pod home builder. They aim to make housing simple and flexible by offering “pop-up” houses that can easily be transported to new locations.

What is a G Pod?

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A G Pod will change the way you think about homes. It pushes modular construction to its limits, offering a relocatable building that has minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

G Pods are a play on the shipping container home concept, but they’re far more mobile and flexible. These pop-up living spaces can be packed up and stored within the container when it’s on the move or whenever you want to pack it all in.

The shell is an upcycled shipping container, and the interior features sustainable, recycled and organic finishes and materials.

G Pod Shipping Container Pod Units

Currently, G Pod Americas has quite a few models to choose from, including:


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Nexus is a G Pod that can scale and be relocated as needed. This model features a steel, wood or hybrid frame with a modular framework that can be configured however you want. 

Each unit is assembled on-site either as a whole module or as a panelized unit. The goal is to preserve your property to ensure minimal disruption to the environment.

Nexus pods are high-performing and have an impressive service life.

Nexus Stats

  • Overall dimensions: 20’ x 10’ x 10’
  • Gross floor area: 200+ square feet
  • Outdoor deck: 200+ square feet

Like the Dwell home, Nexus units can be connected to all utilities, including electricity, water and wastewater. They can also operate autonomously when needed.

How Much Does Nexus Cost?

The starting price for a two-module, 400-square-foot Nexus ADU is $175,000. Options and upgrades will add to the cost:

  • Solar photovoltaic system with battery bank and grid assist starts at $27,300
  • Tech packages are also available if you plan to use the unit for rentals


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Dwell was the first model created by G Pod, and it was designed to maximize space. From fold-down covered decks to pull-out sections, Dwell has a number of configurable options.

In fact, the home can expand to more than twice its original size and operate completely off-grid without a mains water connection.

It’s outfitted with a push-button hydraulic system and spring compensator system that helps with the expanding process. It takes just a few hours for a Dwell home to unpack, and it can be easily relocated when needed.

Dwell Stats

  • Gross floor area: 158 square feet in shipping mode and 364 square feet in deployed mode
  • Dimensions: 19.88’ x 7.94’ 9.48’ in shipping mode and 27.79’ x 24.25’ x 16.77’ in deployed mode
  • Outdoor deck area: 141 square feet

Dwell Features

  • Cantilevered slide-out bedroom and bathroom
  • Aluminum fly-roof that’s ready for rainwater harvesting
  • Pillow tank available for transportable rainwater storage
  • White LED lighting
  • Bi-fold five-panel doors
  • A built-in bench seat on the deck
  • Integrated plumbing
  • Quartz countertops
  • External laundry
  • Privacy blinds with remote operation
  • HVAC or mini split packages
  • Study nook
  • Wired for electricity hookups

Dwell easily connects to all utility lines (electric, water and wastewater) or can operate autonomously. Buyers can even purchase custom trailers to transport their homes.

Because Dwell meets or exceeds national building codes, obtaining permits and transporting the home is a streamlined process.

How Much Does Dwell Cost?

The latest iteration of Dwell starts at $145,550 plus taxes, transport and any other costs related to your project.


gpod pop
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The POP pod is a revolutionary approach to commercial space, offering relocatable pods that are quick and easy to set up. They’re similar to Dwell homes in that they have a pop-up design and can expand to more than twice their shipped size. But these pods are designed for commercial applications rather than residential living.

This pod concept is still in the development phase, but it will likely have similar features and stats to its Dwell cousin.


Along with their standard pod options, G Pod Americas also offers custom solutions. Choose from steel, wood or containerized designs. The company mentions that they can create pods for “Earth or beyond.”

All of G Pod Americas’ units are backed by a 3-year structural warranty and a 1-year non-structural warranty.

G Pod Americas is a member of the Housing Innovation Alliance, NAHB and Modular Building Institute. The company continues to innovate and push the limits of modular construction with its pod home design concept.

For ordering information visit GpodAmericas.com

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