Eco-Structures Review

John Garlow is founder and president of EcoMod Structures.

He’s passionate about quality, yet recognizes the need to replace the opulence of “McMansions” with functional and comfortable homes that are sustainable. Using his experience building custom timber frame homes for thirty years, he’s now pledged to help new homebuyers live green within their means. Our corporate mission is to build green homes with high-quality materials and craftsmanship while keeping costs affordable. EcoStructures are designed to sell at $150-$175 per square foot or about $70,000 per module.

eco-mod structures

The Eco-mod home is designed to be a beautiful, affordable, and environmentally friendly home yet factory built so it can be shipped to a site anywhere and completed quickly. EcoStructures are designed to sell at $115-200 per square foot, starting at $60,000 per module. A detailed breakdown is below. To the right are projected costs for a 4-module (1800sqf) version like the model. Actual costs will vary according to specifications and labor charges.

For one module, 32’x14′, with R-32 walls and floor and R-38 roof, metal roofing and cement board siding, double vinyl windows and doors, all FSC wood including hardwood flooring and kitchen and one bath, the cost summary is:

Pre-built Module:

Floor system—$4000
Exterior Walls—$5000
Soffit, fascia, gutter—$2200
Exterior Door plus storm door—$1400
Interior Walls—$250
Interior Doors—$300
No stairs here
Wall finish—$3000
Floor Covering—$3000
Plumbing Fixtures—$3000
Light Fixtures—$800
Heat and Cool—$3000

Total for one module about $62,850, with kitchen and appliances showing $15,000 more than other modules
total including site work $76,350

7×12′ aluminum deck–$2500 each

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