Whitley Manufacturing Modular Construction Services Review

201 West First St, South Whitley, Indiana 46787

Whitley Manufacturing has been in business since after World War II. Initially, the Indiana-based company was founded to provide homes to veterans returning from the war. Over time, the company moved from housing to office manufacturing. In 1971, the company was purchased by Williams Mobile Offices and went on to become one of the leading commercial modular builders.

Whitley Manufacturing Commercial Modular Builders – Specializations, Services and Industries Served

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Whitley Manufacturing has a network of four manufacturing facilities in the U.S.:

  • South Whitley, Indiana
  • Rochester, Indiana
  • Marysville, Washington
  • Leola, Pennsylvania

Having multiple locations throughout the country allows the company to quickly and easily serve customers no matter where they’re located. In addition, they offer a wide range of services and specializations.

Whitley Manufacturing Services

Whitley Manufacturing offers a wide range of services to make your building project as simple and stress-free as possible.

  • Design: The company has a portfolio of thousands of designs produced by their own team. The company’s designers are experts in national and state code requirements. They can work with architects to create design solutions to meet virtually any need.
  • Production: Whitley Manufacturing has more than 330,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The company can handle virtually every aspect of production, including HVAC, plumbing and electrical.
  • Set and Logistics Services: Whitley can connect you with a crew to set up your building.
  • Warranty: The company stands behind their products and will correct issues after construction is complete.

They offer turnkey services that make it easy to bring your modular building project to life.

Specializations and Industries

Whitely Manufacturing specializes in a variety of building types and industries, including:

Prefab Office Buildings

Prefab Office Buildings
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Whitley has been in the prefab office building business since the 1970s. The company offers a few turnkey modular office buildings, including:

  • Temporary
  • Mobile
  • Permanent

Some of their modular office building projects include:

  • Red Bull offices in Whippany, New Jersey
  • AEP Office Building in Bridgman, Michigan
  • Rolls Royce Offices in Mount Vernon, Ohio
  • Parkway Credit Union in Romulus, Michigan

Education Buildings

Modular Education Building
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Whitley Manufacturing offers a wide range of education buildings, including:

  • Temporary classrooms
  • Daycares
  • Elementary and high schools
  • Colleges
  • Mobile education buildings
  • Permanent modular buildings

In 2021, Whitley Manufacturing received the Modular Building Institute award for Relocatable Education Under 10,000 Square Feet. That award was for their Tri Valley Daycare project, which is recognized for several achievements:

  • Minimal site disruption
  • 13 modules
  • 3 preschool rooms, 3 toddler rooms, 2 infant rooms, 13 restrooms, a conference room, 5 offices and a reception area
  • 90% completion offsite
  • 9,400 square feet of space

Other projects in the education field include:

  • Thayer Academy in Braintree, Massachusetts
  • Shoreline Music Classrooms in Shoreline, Washington
  • Match Charter School in Hyde Park, Massachusetts
  • Frank & Oropeza Hall in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Healthcare Buildings

Whitley has worked on several healthcare projects. Their modular healthcare buildings include:

  • Mobile MRI clinics
  • Permanent healthcare facilities
  • Temporary buildings

Whitley Manufacturing received an award and recognition for its MRI facility project that was created for Wellspan Health and Surgery Center. The project was given the Permanent Modular Healthcare Under 10,000 Square Feet award in recognition for the design, efficiency and use of small space.

The structure, located in Pennsylvania, features RF shielding, magnetic shielding and holds essential MRI equipment. The building’s layout includes a scan room, equipment room and a control room. Perhaps what’s most impressive about this project is that the company managed to complete 75% of the building off-site, which minimized disruption on-site.

Other healthcare projects from Whitley include:

  • Moores Cancer Center in San Diego, California
  • Porcupine Dialysis Center in Sharps Corner, South Dakota
  • Temp Radiotherapy Vault (a relocatable building for RAD Technology Medical Systems)

Modular Press and Media Boxes

Whitley can help with the design, construction and installation of press boxes for sports clubs, schools and universities. They specialize in temporary, mobile and permanent structures that meet local and state building codes.

The company’s press and media box projects include:

  • Norwell High School Press Box in Norwell, Indiana
  • U of Chicago Press Box in Chicago, Illinois
  • Lake Travis Press Box in Austin, Texas
  • USC Press Box in Los Angeles, California


Industrial Buildings
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Whitley is a leader in the production of commercial modular buildings. Their industrial building collection and projects include:

  • Energy storage: Substation control rooms
  • Military: Homeless Transition Campus in Seattle, Washington
  • Telecom: A cable landing station in Newfoundland, Canada
  • Logistics: A 20,000 square foot shipping hub in Orlando, Florida

UpGrade Buildings

Whitley also offers clear span UpGrade buildings that streamline the process of erecting clear span buildings using a patented proprietary system. With these buildings, the walls are unfolded, allowing the roof and walls to be placed at the same time. The process saves time for even faster construction. These buildings can also come with pre-installed:

  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • HVAC
  • Electric systems

The exterior of the structure can also come with pre-installed steel siding, ACM panels, insulated panels or Hardie panels.

Because components can be shipped packed flat, they also save on shipping costs. Two to three units can be shipped on a single truck for quicker and easier deployment virtually anywhere in the country.

The UpGrade system was used to build:

  • A distribution center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Pemberton Fire House in Browns Hills, New Jersey
  • A shipping hub in Orlando, Florida
  • A temporary firehouse in Washington, DC

The Building Process and Floor Plans

Whitley Manufacturing has a vast collection of ready-to-build modular floor plans, but you can also work with their team to create a fully custom building for your needs. They regularly work on custom projects, so they have extensive experience.

They have floor plans in the following categories:

  • Classrooms
  • Medical facilities
  • Press boxes
  • Multi-story
  • Banks
  • Offices
  • Transportation
  • Laboratories
  • Shower/locker rooms
  • Water tanks
  • Daycares
  • Detention facilities
  • Club houses
  • Utilities
  • Restrooms

Whether you’re in need of temporary, mobile or permanent structures, Whitley has a floor plan for your needs. These plans can be customized, too, so you can ensure that your building will meet all of your needs.

The building process is straightforward:

  • Choose a floor plan, or work with the team to create a custom plan
  • Consult with their team
  • Choose the finishes for your project
  • Whitley gets to work producing your building

Most buildings arrive at least 50% completed, which significantly cuts down on construction time and costs.

Whitley Manufacturing offers a wide range of quality modular buildings for commercial and industrial needs. The company’s turnkey services allow your building to be installed quickly and easily thanks to their extensive network of professionals. They offer service across the country and have received several awards for their designs. For modular projects where time and efficiency are critical, Whitley will get the job done.

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