Ramtech Building Systems

Ramtech Building Systems

Ramtech Modular, also known as Ramtech Building Systems, is a premier commercial modular buildings manufacturer in the Southwest. The company has been responsible for 3,500+ projects in the last four decades.

Ramtech History: From Seller To Manufacturer

Ramtech’s modular design operations began in 1982 in Arlington, Texas. The company was a seller of modular buildings, but at the time, the industry wasn’t like it is today. Evolution was slow, and leasing companies focused on leasing commercial modular buildings rather than manufacturing facilities for customers.

Due to the inability to help customers find solutions that fit their needs, Ramtech transitioned from a seller to a manufacturer.

The manufacturing plant was placed on the same 20-acre site in Mansfield, Texas where it sits today. The first decade of manufacturing was a transformative period for the company, which:

  • Rebranded to Ramtech Building Systems
  • Expanded manufacturing capabilities three times
  • Became the premiere commercial modular buildings designer in the Southwest

Instead of focusing on leasing prefab office buildings, the company put all of its resources into relocatable, permanent structures.

Since the early days of Ramtech, the manufacturer has:

  • Remained financially healthy
  • Been hired for 3,500+ projects
  • Remained a leader in the industry

Ramtech Modular Projects

Rematch can help you bring any project to life with a design team that focuses on exceeding customer expectations and meeting demand. The builder focuses on the following industries:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial
  • Government

Some of the many structures that have been built by the company include:

  • Admin offices
  • Cafeterias
  • Dental clinics
  • Hospital expansions
  • Urgent care facilities
  • Auto dealerships
  • Warehouses
  • Workforce housing
  • Childcare facilities
  • Courthouses
  • Much more.

Utilizing a unique building process, Ramtech has the capability to design and construct structures that other buildings cannot.

2 Types of Construction

Ramtech allows you to choose between two main structure types:

Permanent Modular

Permanent structures are placed on a foundation using the company’s slab-on-grade process. Ideal for medium to large projects, the slab-on-grade design works very well on grade level entries.

Pier and beam systems are often used for small- to medium-sized projects.

Relocatable Modular

Relocatable modular systems are low-cost options that have 60% – 80% of the entire build done in the manufacturing facility. These structures are then finished on the site and can be installed on concrete blocks for additional stability.

The benefit of this type of build is that it’s faster to construct and provides greater overall freedom.

Ramtech Modular Plans

Dozens of plans are available through Ramtech to meet the needs of every project. For example, you’ll find portable and permanent plans for:

  • Classrooms, such as the four-classroom building, which is perfect for new education centers and as an education addition.
  • Eight room open office plans for a facility spanning 3,850 square feet and even smaller or larger options to fit in any budget.
  • Bank buildings that span 2,500 square feet and include many offices, bathrooms and other spaces.

Ramtech is more than happy to discuss the plans available through the company and to price your build with you. However, if a plan doesn’t meet your needs or you envisioned a different structure for your project, there are custom floor plan options available that will allow you to work with the team to create a custom layout.

The Ramtech Advantage

Ramtech’s modular construction offers many advantages to buyers, including:

  • Up to a 25% reduction in construction and design costs to save buyers more money on their projects
  • Up to 40% quicker construction
  • Fewer site disruptions or delays caused by weather
  • Offsite manufacturing for superior quality control
  • Flexibility in design and materials, including multi-story options, multiple foundation options, and steel and wood material options
  • Trackable material chains of custody for LEED strategies
  • Lower material waste
  • Sustainable design options, including enhanced energy efficiency, TPO roofs and water reduction systems.

Ramtech’s focus on efficiency and sustainability allows them to offer modular structures that are more environmentally friendly and cheaper to maintain than their stick-built counterparts.

Another great advantage of Ramtech is that they also have the ability to work on hybrid construction projects. As a result, they can easily incorporate their modular structures into other site construction methods, such as concrete tilt-wall or pre-engineered steel. Their ability to work with hybrid projects makes them a great option for large-scale or unique projects.

The Ramtech Difference

Ramtech Modular has three main capabilities that the company calls their “difference.” These points help them stand out from the competition and include:

  1. Design.  Ramtech has superior architectural capabilities that allow them to produce buildings that are efficient, economical and highly functioning. Façade options also allow you to build structures that fit into the surrounding environment and look appealing.
  2. Manufacturing.  Experience and an in-house team allow Ramtech to offer complete in-house space planning, manufacturing and design.
  3. Construction. From start to finish, Ramtech provides what they call a “single-source” solution that allows them to work on site development, building and installation.

A single-source project means that Ramtech manages the entire build so that they’re involved in the entire project. Buyers never have to worry about dealing with a third-party builder that doesn’t understand the project’s goal nor has an understanding of the project site.

The in-house, single-source option helps keep costs down and satisfaction high because it reduces the risk of error in the building process.

Ramtech Modular is located in Mansfield, Texas and will help walk you through the entire process to ensure that your modular build is ideal for your needs.

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