Module X Solutions Review – Blast Resistant Structures

Module X Solutions specializes in blast-resistant modular building systems. The company was founded by Steve Schoonover, who helped create the first concrete shelter for the telecom industry through his company Fibrebond.

Today, the structures from Module X Solutions help protect vital industries, including utility, telecom, oil and gas, data centers and more.

Module X Building Systems

Module X Solutions designs modular buildings designed to withstand a wide range of hazards, including:

  • Blasts
  • Projectiles
  • Fire
  • Chemical release
  • Ballistics
  • Noise
  • Tornadoes
  • Hurricanes
  • Forced entry
  • Earthquakes

This level of protection is vital to keeping some of society’s most important infrastructure safe from disaster.

Blast Resistant Module (BRM) Structures

Blast Resistant Module
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The blast resistant modules from Module X Solutions are designed to offer structurally superior protection against a wide range of threats, including vapor cloud explosions.

The company offers a range of layouts and designs, from single structures to clear span units, stackable modules and multi-module buildings that interconnect.

Their protective building types include:

  • Control rooms
  • Ops shelters
  • Lunchrooms
  • Change rooms or restrooms
  • Water labs
  • Security buildings or guard shacks
  • Process buildings

Buildings can also be designed to protect against special hazards or provide additional functions, such as:

  • Toxic gas release
  • Blast containment
  • Filtration
  • Fire suppression
  • Pressurization
  • Smoke detection

Blast-resistant modules have 8-foot interior ceilings and come in the following sizes:

  • 14×20
  • 14×40
  • 12×20
  • 12×40

Module X Solutions leans on its extensive experience and expertise to provide structures that have superior features, such as:

X-Gap Deformation Barrier

Module X Solutions’ X-Gap Deformation Barrier is a proprietary solution that provides an extra layer of security and safety for the occupants and equipment inside of the structure. This barrier prevents furniture, equipment and other objects from becoming projectiles if a blast does occur.

Mechanical Fastening System

The company’s patented mechanical fastening system greatly reduces the installation time for their structures.

The system provides flexibility to relocate the structure and scale as needed. It eliminates some of the welding processes, allowing the building to be constructed and occupied quickly.

Projectile Engineering

Blast-resistant structures are typically designed to protect against blast overpressures – not projectiles. However, the structures from Module X Solutions can incorporate projectile engineering to offer a greater level of protection to equipment and building occupants.


Blast-resistant structures from Module X Solutions have the following certifications:

  • IBC 2012
  • API RP-752/753
  • NFPA 496 – Electrical Classification
  • ASCE 2010 2ND Edition
  • NFPA 70 – NEC

Telecom Shelters

Module X Solutions offers state-of-the-art telecom shelters that are designed to protect telecom equipment. These shelters are built to last for 50+ years and are made with either:

  • Lightweight steel
  • Precast concrete

Structures can withstand high winds, water and fire. Modular concepts are used to create communication equipment shelters that are easy to disassemble, move and adapt to your growing needs.

Companies in the following industries are using telecom shelters:

  • Data storage
  • Satellite instrument house
  • Broadcast systems
  • Battery backup
  • Fiber optic systems
  • Solar panels
  • Communication equipment
  • Much more

Specialized telecom shelters can be fabricated to meet the design requirements of customers and are commonly used as cable TV buildings, public safety radio structures, information technology structures, fiber optic regeneration hubs and more.

Module X Solutions tests all of its shelters prior to shipment to ensure 100% functionality.

Multiple shelter options are available, including:

  • Lightweight steel protective buildings, featuring 11 – 28-gauge steel
  • Fiberglass reinforced concrete shelters, featuring precast concrete, fiberglass reinforcement and a steel wall frame
  • Lightweight reinforced concrete, offering steel angle and rebar to reinforce the structure

Module X Solutions does offer installation as a plug-and-play option to its clients. Streamlined construction allows for a significant cost reduction, reduces the need for certain permits and speeds up project finalization.

Service solutions are available, including crane rental, decommissioning, modular foundation, offloading and setting the structure, transportation, site supervision and more. Module X designs and manufactures the structures, allowing their site services to follow the best installation techniques and practices to extend the lifespan of your structure.

Whether you’re in the data center, oil and gas, telecommunications, utility, renewable energy, petrochemical or government sector, Module X Solutions can help you with your structure needs.

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