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Factory OS plans to meet the growing demand in the housing industry with factory-built homes that are constructed 40% – 50% faster and up to 40% less expensive to build. The company’s mindset is that humans have become significantly more productive, yet construction productivity has gone down by 32% in the past two decades.

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Innovative off-site processes help the company build safer multifamily housing for significantly less and for far cheaper than normal construction.

Who is Factory OS?

Factory OS is one of the largest modular construction companies in California and is located on the iconic Mare Island Naval Shipyard. The location is where the United States rebuilt its naval fleet following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Today, the location takes on a new enemy: lack of housing.

Over 200 workers and dozens of assembly stations allow Factory OS to build 2,000 – 3,000 units per year.

Co-founded in 2017, the company is led by two industry veterans:

  • Rick Holliday
  • Larry Pace

Immediate success led to an order of 300 modular units for Alphabet. In an effort to share its building techniques and improve efficiency, the company has partnered with Autodesk to streamline manufacturing.

Inside Factory OS’s Off-site Construction Process

Faster production, leaner budgets and consistent quality are what the company offers to its customers. Union-supported training methods allow employees to receive top-notch education and skills to help reduce risks during construction and build structures that are green by design.

Versus conventional construction, Factory OS offers:

  • Cost-saving efficiencies that are integrated into the entire value chain
  • Controlled environments that allow year-round construction for 12 hours daily
  • Groundbreaking technology, such as digital prototyping and precision manufacturing
  • Construction with 40% less waste, a reduction in carbon emissions and fewer transportation requirements, too

During the Factory OS building process, the on-site and off-site development and construction take place. Land development and foundations are put in place at the same time as the company is building the structure in their factory.

Less time is spent waiting for site development and foundation work to take place.

The time savings allows homes to be built to the same or higher standards than stick-built structures with less waste production and using green building practices.

Affordable Homes in Cities

City officials praise the work of Factory OS and their factory-built homes. The company has been responsible for constructing homes, but in these areas, they’re working on:

  • Affordable apartments
  • Affordable condominiums

In-house research and development teams ensure that Factory OS remains at the forefront of the industry. The R&D team is working with local universities and research centers to find unique ways to reduce the cost of homes and improve efficiency in the process.

The Housing Innovation Lab is also allowing UC Berkeley’s Tener Center for Housing Innovation to rent a penthouse for $1 per year to further advance the industry.

Factory OS Milestones

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As one of the largest modular construction companies in California, the company has received significant funding from:

  • Autodesk
  • Citi
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Lafayette Square

Investment in the company has led to significant tech-driven approaches to the housing development process. In the first three years of operation, the company already reached many milestones, including:

  • Constructing 1,000 units
  • Erecting 100-unit apartment complexes in less than 10 days
  • Partnership with Autodesk to try and reduce costs by 50%

A framework for development is in place that includes robotics and advanced technology to spur growth even faster.

Since Factory OS opened its doors, they have expanded with a second factory and have plans to open a third factory in Los Angeles in the next year or so. The company completed 10 projects with 1,200 units and had over two dozen projects in their pipeline before deciding to open up a third factory.

Instead of owning the buildings themselves, Factory OS generally works with developers who need to reduce the time it takes to construct apartments.

Using a 33-step process, Factory OS starts with building the pipes, ducts, plumbing and foundation out and then works through multiple other steps to see the project to completion. Around 80% of the units are below-market-rate units designed to house the homeless, artists, students and low-income earners.

Demand for Factory OS buildings is soaring, with the company stating that the biggest issue is finding labor to meet demand.

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