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BOXX Modular is a United States-based modular company, part of the Black Diamond Group, and they’re headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. The company has sales branches in Maine, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Massachusetts and North Carolina. Additionally, they also rent, lease and sell modular buildings in Canada.

Boxx Modular
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BOXX differentiates itself in the industry with unique, modular buildings that meet the needs of governments, businesses, schools and more.

Modular skiff building

The company offers modular structures for:

  • Lease
  • Rent
  • Sale

Customers can rent or lease temporary structures, or you can have a permanent structure put on your property, too. Immediate and custom solutions are available, including:

  • Relocatable buildings
  • Temp offices
  • Portable classrooms
  • Mobile office trailers
  • Medical buildings
  • Office complexes
  • More

When working with Boxx Modular Industries, you can be confident that the team will work closely with you to help you overcome common challenges, such as complex land environments, budget constraints and more.

Customers can work with BOXX to help plan and create solutions, but their services also extend to other areas, such as:

  • Furniture rental options
  • Delivery
  • Installation

History of BOXX Modular

boxx modular school

BOXX started its operations with just 12 rental units back in 2003. The business started in Calgary, Alberta and was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to change the industry.

Rapid growth and evolution led the company to transform from a focus on camps in 2004 to opening BOXX Modular in 2005.

BOXX transitioned into a modular provider to better help their customers. By 2007, they took advantage of the demand in oilfields and started offering oilfield surface rentals to help better meet the needs of customers.

In 2020, major changes occurred.

BOXX, along with Black Diamond Group, acquired Vanguard Modular to help extend its reach further. The strategic acquisition allowed BOXX to acquire a team that has vast experience in:

  • Construction management
  • Sales

Now, the company serves more than 20 states with its offerings of both temporary and permanent buildings.

Part of the Black Diamond Group Family

Black Diamond Group is a holding company that owns and operates multiple businesses in the modular and temporary housing workspace. The group includes multiple entities, including:

  • BOXX Modular
  • Workforce Housing
  • LodgeLink

High-end Solutions from BOXX Modular

Boston Police Modular Station

BOXX has a wealth of experience, offering high-end solutions in numerous sectors, including:

  • Banking
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Education
  • Disaster relief
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Corrections
  • Utility
  • Transportation
  • Airports
  • Shipping ports

Multiple building type options are available, including custom solutions to meet the unique needs of every customer. However, the following options are available:


Modular classrooms offer schools more space in a cost-effective, rapid manner. Installation is 50% quicker, and there are temporary classrooms available, too. You will find small, two-classroom designs, options with restrooms, four classroom options, four classroom and two office options and so much more.

Classroom prefabs also go up to ten classroom options, with three restrooms and over 9,700 square feet of space.


Offices for any industry are available, including a lot of temp buildings and options for lease or sale. These offices are energy efficient to save you money on utilities, and some have multiple entrance options and divided space options.

Customization is always an option, and buildings range from 200 – 30,000 square-foot or more in size.

Mobile office solutions are available, along with office complexes and custom offices.

Specialty Buildings

Custom specialty buildings are available to lease or buy, too. These buildings break free from the constraints of standard modular buildings and offer complete customization of the structure’s:

  • Appearance
  • Layout
  • Size

Prefab specialty buildings are available in sizes 200 – 30,000 square feet and will meet all local and federal codes. Some of the buildings that have been constructed for specialty use are labs, restrooms, scale houses, medical buildings and financial buildings.

Used Buildings

Used buildings are also available and offer an economical option for customers on a tight budget. Due to varying availability, the building size and style you want may or may not be available used. You’ll need to consult with BOXX to learn more about the buildings available.

You will notice a very thorough description of all buildings that are being sold used, such as size, rooms and even if any damage has occurred during the dismantling or transport of the structure.

Why Modular Design Makes Sense


Boxx Modular Industries’ focus on modular construction comes at a time when modular buildings are in high demand. Construction time can be cut down by 30% to 50% by allowing the site prep to take place at the same time that building fabrication does.

Since much of the construction is done in a factory, builds are:

  • Completed faster
  • Weather-resistant
  • More economical

Modular buildings are made in a factory, but the entire build is up to or exceeds local code. In fact, all of the same building materials and concepts are followed in the factory as they would be on-site.

The main difference is that, unlike conventional construction, crews do not need to worry about the weather.

Buildings are built in highly controlled environments, but if the building is being set on a permanent foundation, installers will need to be weather conscious. The ability to construct modular buildings in a factory reduces material waste, offering a green building practice.

Flexible and reliable, BOXX Modular buildings can be designed to meet your needs, whether you need a temporary building or a permanent one. If a natural disaster hits, BOXX can help provide rapid space solutions, too.

BOXX provides quotes on all modular buildings to better help customers budget for their build, rental or lease.

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