Sprung Structures – Modular Tension Fabric Buildings

Sprung Structures has completed 12,000 projects across 100 countries, making them an industry leader in tensioned membrane structures. Lower project costs and high design flexibility ensure each building meets the unique needs of each industry.

Company History

Aquatic Center © Sprung

Sprung has been a leader in membrane structures for 130 years. Throughout the last century, they have built tensioned structures in nearly every sector. Throughout its four generations of ownership, Sprung has:

  • Patented fabric membrane technology
  • Delivered and innovated rapid construction capabilities
  • Worked to lower overall project costs

A commitment to the industry and the completion of 12,000 structures positions Sprung Structures as an industry leader. Manufacturing and distribution centers in the Middle East and North America ensure worldwide solutions.

An optimal build rate of 2,000 square feet can be achieved with Sprung’s patented technology.

Sprung Instant Structures – Advanced Tension Membrane Modular Buildings

Market sectors in 100+ countries rely on the innovative building solutions Sprung Structures provides. Industrial and non-industrial sectors are served, including but not limited to:

Industrial And Non-industrial Applications

aircraft hangar
Aircraft Hangar © Sprung

Industrial Buildings

Military Barracks

Temporary lodging is a must-have in the military. Barracks can be erected, taken down and put back up thanks to Sprung’s innovative design concepts. Since 1887, shelter solutions have been offered that can withstand harsh weather and meet the needs of: Fort Knox, Schofield and many others.

Rapidly deployable army facilities are available, including barracks, dining and mess halls, military warehouses, medical facilities and more.


The automotive and manufacturing industry demands large, open spaces for their daily needs. Solutions are available for assembly lines, equipment storage, test tracks, product testing, distribution facilities and more.


Membrane structures are used in the construction industry for everything from a place to store equipment to cafeteria halls. Temporary facilities offer the strength to withstand gale-force winds while also being easy to re-configure.

Environmental Solutions

Multiple environmental solutions are available with negative pressure enclosures, custom on-track wheel systems, hazardous waste and other options available. Some of the many enclosures in the environment that have been constructed in the environmental industry include:

  • Remediation buildings
  • Waste treatment centers
  • Recycling centers
  • Much more


Massive greenhouses with controlled environments are available to allow for rapid growth in ideal conditions. Sprung provides control over light, ventilation, humidity, water, nutrients and more with their greenhouse options.


The mining industry relies intensely on membrane structures to help them provide shelter in areas of the world with intense weather conditions. Offices, recreation centers, haul truck maintenance, warehousing, mineral processing and multiple other facilities are used in the mining industry.

Oil & Gas 

Limited foundation requirements make architectural membranes a great option for the oil and gas industry. Multiple buildings can be erected for the industry, including:

  • Lunchroom facilities
  • Training centers
  • Truck maintenance centers
  • Bulk storage
  • Mineral processing
  • Water treatment
  • More

Sprung’s customers in the industry include, but are not limited to, Encana, LaPrairie and Marathon, to name a few. Most structures are ready to ship in just three weeks, and up to 2,000 square feet of uninsulated space can be erected daily.

Power and Energy

Multiple options are available for purchase and lease in the power and energy industries. Sprung has on-site warehousing, manufacturing and lunchroom facilities available. Superior insulation options, limited foundations and a modular design make Sprung Structures perfect for the needs of the power and energy industries.

Railway Station Buildings

Membrane structures are helping the railway industry, with structures for:

  • Checkpoints
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Train station buildings
  • Security
  • Much more

Canadian Pacific Railway chose Sprung for its wheel change-out assembly facilities.


Temporary and permanent warehousing is available, with clear span designs that allow structures of 160 feet to be nonstructured without foundations. Maximize interior space and even rent or lease solutions if you don’t plan on needing the structure for the long term.

Many large businesses have chosen warehouse options from Sprung, including Fed Ex and Denver International Airport.

Non-Industrial Buildings

Church Buildings

St. James Church © Sprung

Pastors and local communities rely on Sprung Structures to provide space for worship. One ministry contacted Sprung because they wanted to invest in helping the community and avoid high mortgage costs.

The New Life Christian Center was built:

  • Three times faster
  • 50% less than traditional costs

Multiple religious buildings can be erected, including classrooms, youth buildings, fellowship halls and many more.

You’ll find building solutions that go beyond the industrial and non-industrial options listed above. Multiple sectors rely on Sprung Structures because of the benefits that membrane structures offer over traditional buildings.

Other types of buildings

  • Gymnasiums
  • Mess Halls
  • Recreation Centers
  • Temporary Medical Buildings
  • Portable Office Buildings

Key Benefits of Tension Membrane Structures

tension fabric building
© Sprung

Sprung Structures has provided membrane structures to industries, businesses and governments in more than 100 countries. Their structures offer a number of advantages, including:

#1 – Quick Construction

One of the biggest advantages of Sprung Structures is the quick construction. One 235,000-square-foot Sprung structure was constructed and ready for move-in in just 11 months. That’s an impressive feat for such a large structure.

Most structures can be delivered to the job site within three weeks of placing an order.

Sprung has an office around the world, with manufacturing and distribution centers in the Middle East and North America.

The Sprung team can erect a non-insulated structure of up to 2,000 square feet in just a day.

Sprung structures have:

  • Minimal foundation requirements
  • Flexible options for purchasing or leasing
  • The ability to be expanded and relocated

All of these factors also help move the construction process along more quickly and smoothly.

#2 – Flexible Design

Sprung offers a number of options when purchasing your structure, including various building components. These structures are also modular by nature, which makes it easy to expand them or remove modules to downsize.

The interiors of these structures also have a flexible design and offer a bright, welcoming environment. Attractive design elements include:

  • High ceilings
  • Daylight panels
  • Glazing walls
  • Colorful graphics

Sprung makes it easy for buyers to make their structure their own and a reflection of their brand or organization.

#3 – High Performance and Durability

Sprung Structures are known for their high performance and durability.

Their structures are built with a non-corroding aluminum substructure for their structures and an ultra-durable architectural membrane to ensure your structure lasts. You can also add insulation to create a completely finished interior.

The company’s tension system uses individual 15-foot membrane panels that are tensioned horizontally and vertically. The structure’s unique tension system and shape allow the building to withstand extreme weather conditions.

When constructing a structure, a Sprung technical consultant is on-site at all times to monitor and oversee the process.

#5 – Lower Costs

Sprung Structures can save you time and money.

  • Delivery and construction are quick. Many buildings take just a few weeks or months to complete after delivery.
  • Structures are ultra-airtight to improve energy efficiency and reduce overall operating costs.
  • The Kynar- and Tedlar-coated architectural fabric membranes are long-lasting and highly durable.
  • The non-corroding aluminum substructure can last decades.

The construction time savings and the longevity of Sprung Structures lower the overall cost of your structure and maintaining it.

With their durability, quick construction and flexible design options, Sprung Structures is a great option for both industrial and non-industrial applications. For more than 120 years, they have been responsible for offering membrane structures that are used in industries, such as energy and gas, mining, aviation and many more.

Sprung Instant Structures, Inc.

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